micro-resistance is/微小的抵抗 conceptual performances and publication design/表演与出版物设计, 2020

             I walked the roads of many cities, and I noticed scenes as if there were no borders: climbing over railings, hanging laundry on electric wires or casually sitting on a public facility as it was a sofa. I started to wonder: did these scenarios convey something other than chaos?  


field research 
              When public space becomes a totalized system full of restrictions, everyday people and their everyday behaviors could become a silent, micro resistance against the so-called orderness. The ordinaries inhabit the land poetically and carry out a silent rebellion through those wise improvisations. Those "making do and getting by" occurs and disappear, balancing with the public space. And I, as another ordinary city dweller, interacted with public infrastructure obstinately, reconstructing and deciphering the randomness and spontaneousness of everyday practices to vocalize the micro-resistances.

当城市中的公共空间代表一个整体的、充满限制的系统时,普通人和他们的普通行为,或许是之于公共空间中的“有序”的一种无声的、微小的抵抗。平凡的人们通过那些狡黠的因地制宜,去诗意地栖息,并发起沉默的抗争。那些“making do and getting by”出现又消失,与公共空间彼此制衡。而我,作为一个生活在城市里的普通人,开始在伦敦的大街小巷中与公共设施互动,试图用自己的身体作为传播信息的媒介,去重现日常生活实践中的自发性和随机性,演绎那些微小的抵抗。

my seven definitions of what micro-resistance is

designer as performer

final publication, 96 pages, 2020